Could You Benefit From An Elimination Diet?

You may not realize it, but common foods you each could be causing a war within your body. Are you

experiencing chronic symptoms such as headaches (even migraines), stomach discomfort (heartburn,

GERD, digestive upset), rashes, behavior and mood disorders (yes, even ADD and ADHD), joint

pain/arthritis symptoms, sinus/allergy symptoms, autoimmune conditions, just to name a few? Many

people may perceive they are eating a healthy diet, when in fact, they could be consuming a food that is

causing harm.

How do I know if a food is bothering me?

An elimination diet is used to determine if a food could be causing delayed reactions (food sensitivities)

in your body which can cause some of the symptoms listed. Food Sensitivities (IgG responses) are

different from food allergies (IgE). There have been numerous studies on various health conditions

where an elimination diet has reversed symptoms/conditions. Here is one such study:

“When 20 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) underwent elimination diets as part of a 2006

study conducted by University of Kansas Medical Center, 100 percent of patients experienced significant

improvements in digestive symptoms.

Elimination diets were based on the results of tests done to identify patients’ food and mold panels.

After six months of being on the elimination diets and also taking probiotics, patients were reassessed –

and every single one reported improvements in bowel movements and control over IBS symptoms.

Researchers also found that 100 percent of the patients had increased levels of beneficial bacteria

present within the gut flora” (1).

How do I get started with an Elimination Diet?

Elimination diets typically eliminate the top 8 allergens (wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, peanuts, egg, fish),

shellfish). Some people find that adding a few other foods to their elimination diet gives them the most

accurate results (corn being one that is on the rise). After several weeks, foods are reintroduced slowly

and symptoms are monitored/tracked for changes or worsening. Often, one is able to notice quickly if a

food is bothering them, especially when keeping in mind that a delayed reaction or return of symptoms

may occur over several days.

If you have tried many things for a chronic condition or symptoms, without relief, you may consider

trying an elimination diet to see if you are able to see a difference!